Custom Post Type Templates

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Required Plugins

  • Beaver Builder
  • Beaver Tunnels
  • Advanced Custom Fields
  • PHP Code For Posts

Create a Custom Post Type to post Automobiles for sale.

Use Advanced Custom Fields to create custom fields and assign them to specific Post Types.

Create Beaver Builder Templates for displaying custom fields on the front end on a browser.

Use Beaver Tunnels to assign templates to specific post types and automatically load templates when creating posts or pages.

Help me make more tutorials any amount is appreciated very much.



Advanced Custom Fields Shortcode Samples

[[acf field="auto_sale_title"]]

[[acf field="auto_maker"]]

[[acf field="auto_image"]]

[[acf field="auto_color"]]

[[acf field="auto_year"]]

[[acf field="auto_mileage"]]

[[acf field="auto_condition"]]

[[acf field="auto_description"]]

Beaver Tunnels Template Wrapper Shortcode Samples


[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_sale_title"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_maker"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][php snippet=3][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_color"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_year"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_mileage"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_condition"][/beaver_tunnels]]

[[beaver_tunnels][acf field="auto_description"][/beaver_tunnels]]